I might just be a little behind on my blogging…
Just 3 weeks ago, I spent my last week in Europe exploring the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
We arrived in a city drenched in a warm golden glow, little did we know almost the remainder of our stay would be rainy. Although, it wouldn’t be a Dutch experience without a little rain. Eoin, a friend of Travis and his kind roommates opened up their home to us for a few days, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Eoin and his roommates cooked dinner every night, and were gracious hosts/hostesses. Plus, they had a cat ūüôā

The first full day we rode our bikes into the city, but with our lack of riding experience we opted to park the bikes and walk the rest of the day. The Van Gogh Museum was a highlight, and a large Market was fun to go to.¬†We ventured to the Red Light District, which was ‘interesting’. I’ll leave it at that, my mom reads this blog ;). We spent a lot of our time dodging in an out of the rain going to shops, cafes, and walking in our soaked shoes. Although I might have complained a little too much about the rainy weather, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. The rain allowed me to keep my camera at home, and fully experience the city ¬†and my remaining days in Europe with my favorite travel companions, Travis and Steph.
I managed to take a couple photos here and there. On our last day before our evening flight, the sun came out and I was shutter happy again. Here’s to another great trip and the wonderful people we met along the way!

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